AmrepMexico helps you to identify the right supplier so that you achieve business success and fulfil your customer expectations on quality, cost and delivery. We source a wide range of products.

AMREPMexico's sourcing and procurement engineering division works with our clients to find effective suppliers in Mexico. Our objective is to support our customers in their buying journey in Mexico.

Our personnel come from purchasing, technical and procurement engineering backgrounds. They approach sourcing with a strong technical, quality and 'customer first' mindset.

Our services are particularly ideal if you are looking to:

  • Find low-cost suppliers
  • Develop short, regional-based supply chains.
  • Reduce supply chain risks.
  • Diversify supplier sources.
  • Find alternative Alibaba suppliers

AMREPMexico sources a wide range of products and manufacturing service providers e.g. consumer products, household items, apparel, and metal forming service providers.

Our clients range from 1-person companies to large organisations.

Sourcing and Procurement Engineering Activities

Supplier Identification and Research

Leverage our staff’s deep industry and supplier networks. Utilize their knowledge of Mexican culture, language, and local manufacturing practices to research, negotiate, and manage your suppliers. We can also help you with uncovering ‘hidden’ suppliers – suppliers which have not put themselves online and have very low visibility.

Supplier Verification, Qualification and Auditing

On-site visits to verify your supplier's business, production capabilities, product quality, and customer service.

Purchase Order and Supplier Production Monitoring

We act as your local on-site representative to monitor your suppliers and ensure that they are on-track with fulfilling your purchase orders.

Product Quality Inspections

We check the quality of the products before they are shipped to you.

Quality Control

Our inspectors keep an eye on your quality throughout your supplier's production process, focusing on material, component, sub-component, assembly, and finished product quality.

Procurement Engineering

Technical assessments and audits of your suppliers to determine their manufacturing competencies for your product. Our procurement engineers also work with your engineering team to execute supplier process planning, controls, cost reduction, and design transfer activities.

Looking for Mexican suppliers? We can help!