AmrepMexico Data Analytics Solutions create Supplier Quality Information Systems that give you accurate real-time production data for a statistics-based Quality Management Strategy.

'Without data, you're just another person with an opinion' - W. Edwards Deming

You need accurate real-time data from your suppliers in order to make good production, quality, and business decisions. You know that your supplier data collection, management, and analytical capabilities are essential to your success. And that they form the foundations of a data-driven, evidence-based, and quantifiable quality management strategy.

Your key obstacle is that suppliers have their own data collection systems that are for their purposes. They are not customised to your production needs and supplier reporting systems. Supplier management will not share the process level and production floor data you absolutely need for decision-making and monitoring supplier performance.

This is where AmrepMexico comes in. Our most senior SQEs act as change leaders and influence supplier management to accept your reporting requirements and create a regular reporting culture at all production levels. They also work with your engineering and production teams to determine your supplier information needs.

AmrepMexico SQEs then collaborate with data and IT experts to create robust supplier information systems that continuously collect production data.

With our SQEs driving the development process, our supplier data information systems are unique in that they are built with your supplier's production realities in mind, are customised to your requirements, and enable the full application of statistical process controls to manage your supplier's quality. ​

Our Supplier Data and Informatics Actions

Supplier Quality Information System

We develop a Supplier Quality Information System that will give you the data you need for accurate decision-making. Expect to see production data from all your supplier's critical process points and a significant enhancement in your statistical process control capabilities.

Data Collection

Collaborative analysis of the supplier's production process to identify critical data collection points. Utilising AmrepMexico engineers as a third party to collect supplier process data also ensures data integrity. Our IT experts work with production teams to innovate digital data collection methods - say goodbye to Excel sheets and papers!

Data Analytics

Frustrated with MiniTab? You need a custom-built analytical software that's built from a quality engineering perspective, not IT. AmrepMexico supplier quality engineers direct our IT teams to build the quality data analysis tools and reporting formats you require. They also use the data to determine their supplier performance improvement and quality management actions.

Quality Management

The Supplier Quality Information System forms the basis of a quality management approach that is driven by continuous flows of hard production facts. This is the ultimate fulfilment of Dr. Joseph Juran's and W. Edwards Deming's vision of statistical quality control.

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