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Our clients are major investor-backed Silicon Valley companies, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, entrepreneurs and startup companies who have production operations in Mexico. We primarily work with the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical/health devices industries.

Some of our customers are: Schumacher Electric, Liebert Corporation, SONY, Bombardier Aerospace, Borg Wagner Automotive, Cooper Tire and Rubber, Bombardier Motor, Ingenico Group, Gelcore LLC, GE Medical Systems, Hubbell, Qualcomm, Hewlett Packard, Cubic, Lockheed Martin, Mack Technologies, and Lincoln Industrial.​

Why Clients Use AMREP

The bottom line for all our customers is the same - they use AMREP to reduce cost, production time, delays, and quality problems.

Here are some more reasons:
  • To secure operational excellence in Mexico by utilising our expertise in quality engineering, supplier management, and production management.
  • To monitor supplier production and ensure conformance with performance expectations.
  • To ensure the supplier does not make unexpected, unannounced, production changes.
  • To provide immediate on-site resolution of production, supplier, and quality problems.
  • To continuously improve production performance and create a real-time live feedback reporting system.
  • To leverage upon AMREP Mexico's knowledge of local supplier markets, behaviour, and management practices.
  • To save on operational costs involved in establishing local teams or sending existing resources to Mexico.

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