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Our clients are major investor-backed Silicon Valley companies, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, entrepreneurs and startup companies who have production operations in Mexico. We primarily work with the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical/health devices industries.

Some of our customers are:

Why Clients Use AmrepMexico

The bottom line for all our customers is the same - they use AmrepMexico to reduce cost, production time, delays, quality problems and for SQE solutions in Mexico.

Here are some more reasons:

  • To secure operational excellence in Mexico by utilising our expertise in quality engineering, supplier management, and production management.
  • To monitor supplier production and ensure conformance with performance expectations.
  • To ensure the supplier does not make unexpected, unannounced, production changes.
  • To provide immediate on-site resolution of production, supplier, and quality problems.
  • To continuously improve production performance and create a real-time live feedback reporting system.
  • To leverage upon AmrepMexico's knowledge of local supplier markets, behaviour, and management practices.
  • To save on operational costs involved in establishing local teams or sending existing resources to Mexico.

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