Source Inspections and Quality Control Services in Mexico

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AMREP Mexico provides professional on-site source inspections services to verify products and ensure compliance with purchase requirements. Our inspectors are manufacturing and engineering professionals. They specialise in being the 'voice of the customer' and representing the purchaser's interests. Companies use our source inspection services to enhance their purchasing, sourcing, engineering, supply chain management, quality management, and manufacturing activities.

We are Mexico's market leader in source inspections and quality control. We have a sustained 20+ years record of working with Fortune 100 companies and major companies in key industries e.g. medical devices, health tech, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, robotics, electronics, new mobility, metal, plastic, furniture and industry products.

Source Inspections Done Right with AMREP Mexico

Our source inspections services are performed on-site at the manufacturing facility according to our client's instructions. We verify that the products conform with the client's purchase orders and technical requirements. We check for quality issues and product defects which often functional, dimensional, cosmetic, and performance considerations.

We work with materials, components, fabricated parts, subassemblies, and finished products. Our point of involvement can be as early as the pre-production stage where we check the incoming materials for quality issues (Incoming Quality Control - IQC). On other occasions, we do our source inspections during production process as part of a process control measure or during the pre-shipment stages.

AMREP Mexico has experience in running multi-site source inspections programs that cover multiple vendors who may be involved in different stages of the product or first article inspection or part manufacturing process.

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Peace of Mind for Purchasers - The AMREP Mexico Difference

AMREP Mexico's source inspectors are known for their honesty, transparency, technical expertise, and deep commitment to helping our clients achieve their manufacturing and purchasing goals. We often go beyond just doing the source inspections and help our clients and their suppliers with root cause identification, process improvement, and problem solving. We can do this because our inspectors are engineers with knowledge in key product manufacturing and processes.

Additional Information

I'm looking for quality inspections. Is that the same as source inspections?

Yes. We use source inspections interchangeably with quality inspections. 'Source inspections' is the standard industry term. We prefer using the term source inspections because it conveys the idea of checking a product for multiple issues. The problem with the term 'quality inspections' is that it suggests we only check focus just on quality matters.

Do your source inspections always involve physical, on-site product verification?

Not always. Some of our inspections involve remote visual inspection and cross-checking the vendor's self-attested inspection reports.

Why do companies use third party source inspection services like AMREP when they've got their own inspector personnel?

Sometimes companies use third party inspection services providers when they've got work overflows (for example too many customer orders) and their existing inspection resources are too busy. They use us as a quick and affordable way to quickly expand their workforce.

Do you have sample inspection reports or checklists?

Yes, we have sample reports and checklists. We're happy to send that to you, please email us for a copy. We customise our reports to your inspection requirements. Quite often, we use our client's inspection report format as they have specific reporting practices to follow.

I don't have quality issues with my supplier. Do I still need source inspections?

Yes, because source inspections aren't just about checking for quality. It's a process control measure used to minimise production issues during the manufacturing process. It is also a way of making sure everything's okay with your purchase orders and knowing what you're going to get before the products are shipped out to you.

Does AMREP Mexico offer source inspections Mexico-wide?

Yes, we cover all of Mexico.

Do you offer on-demand and long term inspections?

Yes. We can do once-off source inspections or as often as you require. On the other end of the scale, we've run source inspection programs that have gone on for years.

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