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For the World's Greatest Tech Innovators

We are the quality inspection company behind some of your most favourite products - Atari game consoles, guitar amplifiers, smartphones, laptops, AR/VR devices, digital set top boxes, fitness bands, and IoT gadgets. There is a very strong likelihood that the product you're using now is AMREP-inspected.

Our quality inspections are customised to your product and quality requirements. AMREP Mexico's inspectors are ready to inspect our client's Mexican supplier product quality before shipment. We are able to handle simple, once-off shipment inspections to complex multi-location, multi-supplier projects.

Our technical expertise:

  • Automotive, aerospace, electronics, electro-mechanical, mechanical parts
  • Specialised materials knowledge in: plastics, metals, glass, rubber
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge
  • Knowledge of international quality standards - ISO, IEC, IATF, AS

Quality Inspections We Offer

Final Inspection

We inspect finished products, components, subassemblies or reworks to ensure that your quality expectations are satisfied. We offer !00%, random, line, out of the box, and pre-shipment inspections.

Process Inspections

AMREP Quality Representatives selectively inspect products, components, and subassemblies at different stages of the production line. Process inspections are customer mandated and focus on reducing the need for final inspections. Our QC objectives are:

  • Find the root causes of production defects detected during final inspection.
  • Verify the execution of Corrective Action Report (CAR) by the Supplier Production Team.
  • Inspect and detect poor quality linkages at different production stations.
  • Product and component quality inspection before assembly.
  • Identify supplier production weaknesses in the production system that leads to defects.

Process Inspections

We inspect the first product or subassembly sample from the test-run production and verify the supplier’s conformance to the customer’s design requirements, technical specifications, and authorised materials or components. We may also establish quality inspection parameters and procedures.

Sorting and Containment

We have specialised divisions to provide CS1/2 containment, sorting, inspection and rework services for our automotive, aerospace and industrial customers.

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