Production Management Solutions In Mexican Landscape

With “Quality First” Mindset

AmrepMexico's production management solutions transform your Mexican suppliers so that they can achieve your operational excellence. We use a continuous cycle of 'Plan, Analyze, Improve' and a 'quality first' mindset. Our multi-disciplinary production engineering team optimizes your supplier's processes for improved yields, enhanced quality, reduced waste, and fewer production errors.

Our Production Management Activities

To achieve excellent supplier production outcomes

Manufacturing Process Optimization

Sustained production process optimization for your operational excellence. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team uses Six Sigma and other process management tools to reduce costs, maximize output, reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and cut production cycle time


Taking your product to the production line and starting your first run can be the hardest part of the production. Our production engineering teams perform DFMA analysis to enhance ease of assembly and reduce your production overheads. Once that's done, our NPI engineers coordinate quality and production processes to transfer your product to the supplier's production line successfully.

Production and Supplier Monitoring

Successful production only happens if you're getting constant on-the-ground information from your supplier. As your on-site customer representative, we create a continuous communication loop with your supplier so that you can monitor their performance, provide real-time feedback, and be alerted of critical production issues straight away.

Quality Management

We implement your Supplier Quality Assurance systems. Our engineers and auditors enhance your supplier's Quality Management Systems to global industry standards. We also ensure that the supplier's QMS is properly adapted for your product and quality requirements.

Quality Control

Our inspectors keep an eye on your quality throughout your supplier's production process, focusing on material, component, sub-component, assembly, and finished product quality.

Quality Engineering

AmrepMexico supplier quality engineers drive the quality rigor you expect from your supplier. Expect to see a sustained defect, waste, production time, and cost reductions from our innovative supplier quality continuous improvement solutions

What AmrepMexico’s Production Team Can Do

Your suppliers are your competitive advantage. Your key to success is a stable, high-performing, and cost-effective supplier base that can meet your critical production dates. Our Mexican production engineering team will perform a set of activities from product development to resolving production problems that include:

  • Development Of Products
  • Production Setup using (DFX, DFMA) Approach
  • NPI Engineers oversee the production and management of new products.
  • As your on-site representative will monitor and manage your suppliers
  • Our engineering team will optimize the manufacturing process using Six Sigma and other tools.
  • Our quality control Inspectors mainly focus on quality by keeping an eye on the supplier production line
  • Our production engineers provide production advice for manufacturing in Mexico
  • We also perform Supplier Qualification & Procurement Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Production Management ?

Production management or operation management is the process that involves all the activities and processes to manage or control the supplier production cycle - from raw material to finished products. Production management aims to achieve the perfect balance: good quality, correct quantity, and at the right time

What Does A Production Manager Do?

A production manager is a professional responsible for all aspects of a company's manufacturing process, from planning and organizing to monitoring and managing the execution of tasks. They plan and control the activities to ensure that products are produced on time, following specifications, and at cost-effective prices.

Why Is Supplier Production Management Important In Mexico?

Supplier production management is vital in Mexico for a few reasons that include:

  • Mexican factories are more specialized than other countries, so it is essential to have accurate information on each supplier to ensure quality and consistency across all products.
  • Constant communication between suppliers and manufacturers is essential for ensuring that everyone knows what needs to be done in order not only to meet but exceed customer expectations.
  • By constantly monitoring the situation on-site with regular visits from project managers, supplier quality engineers, and production professionals, you can avoid any potential issues before they become big problems

But visiting the suppliers' sites regularly is quite challenging for the OEMs based in other countries such as the USA, Europe, and Asia. The solution is to hire third-party production management companies in Mexico who will continuously monitor your suppliers.

AmrepMexico is one of those companies offering local talent to the OEMs looking for local resources in Mexico to manage their production and keep an eye on suppliers.

How To Manage Supplier Production Line Effectively In Mexico?

Managing supplier production lines effectively in Mexico can be challenging, but with the help of a qualified consultant, production engineering, and supplier quality professionals, you can get the job done. Start by understanding your company's requirements and find a supplier production management company like AmrepMexico with experience working with Mexican manufacturers

We are different from other HR companies providing services in Mexico. We have a team of senior quality engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, program managers, project managers, tooling engineers, and supplier development engineers who have worked with Mexican manufacturers for many years

Where Can Hire The Best Production Engineering Team For Transforming Mexican Suppliers ?

Hire the best production engineers at AmrepMexico for production optimization, supplier transformation, and solving critical production issues. AmrepMexico is a center for quality manufacturing excellence in Mexico.

Why AmrepMexico is the best choice for Mexican production management ?

AmrepMexico is a one-stop destination for product innovators, entrepreneurs, and suppliers to get technical, production, and business support for their products. Our multidisciplinary production engineering team, for over 30 years, has enabled our clients to reduce their quality costs and solve critical production problems across their Mexican production operations. Clients from the USA, Europe, and other countries come to our team because of their ability to solve complex production problems.

Where Can I Find The Best Production Management Company In Mexico for Operational solutions?

AmrepMexico is the best production management company in Mexico, providing services (managing & developing Mexican suppliers, production optimization, supplier quality engineering, solving critical issues in production, quality inspection, and supplier audits) to OEMs, product innovators, and entrepreneurs based in the USA and Europe.

They provide local top-level Mexican Production professionals support in all areas, including Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca, and Cities Along the Border such as Mexicali, Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Reynosa for Maquiladoras.

Deploy Our Supplier Quality Engineers At Your Mexican Production Site