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AMREP Production Management Solutions enable your supplier to achieve operational excellence through a combination of yield improvement, quality enhancement, and process optimization activities.

Your suppliers are your competitive advantage. Your key to success is a stable, high performing and cost-effective supplier base that can meet your.critical production dates

AMREP's production management solutions transform your Mexican suppliers so that they can achieve your operational excellence. Using a continuous cycle of 'Plan, Analyze, Improve' and a 'quality first' mindset, our multi-disciplinary engineering team optimize your supplier's processes for improved yields, enhanced quality, reduced waste, and fewer production errors.

Our Production Management Activities

Manufacturing process optimisation

Sustained production process optimisation for your operational excellence. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team use Six Sigma and other process management tools to reduce costs, maximise output, reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and cut production cycle time.


Taking your product to the production line and getting your first run started can be the hardest part of production. Our production engineering teams perform DFMA analysis to enhance ease of assembly and reduce your production overheads. Once that's done our NPI engineers coordinate quality and production processes to successfully transfer your product to the supplier's production line.

Production and Supplier Monitoring

Successful production only happens if you're getting constant on the ground information from your supplier. As your on-site customer representative, we create a continuous communication loop with your supplier so that you can monitor their performance, provide real-time feedback, and be alerted of critical production issues straight away.

Quality Management

We implement your Supplier Quality Assurance systems. Our engineers and auditors enhance your supplier's Quality Management Systems to global industry standards. We also ensure that the supplier's QMS is properly adapted for your product and quality requirements.

Quality Control

Our inspectors keep an eye on your quality throughout your supplier's production process, focusing on material, component, sub-component, assembly, and finished product quality.

Quality Engineering

AMREP supplier quality engineers drive the quality rigor you expect from your supplier. Expect to see sustained defect, waste, production time, and cost reductions from our innovative supplier quality continuous improvement solutions.

Supplier Qualification and Procurement Engineering

Technical assessments and audits of your suppliers to determine their manufacturing competencies for your product. Our procurement engineers also work with your engineering team to execute supplier process planning, controls, cost reduction, and design transfer activities.

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