Supplier Quality services to manage Mexican manufacturers

Supplier management services that heps you to achieve your business objectives in Mexico while generating reductions in production time, defects, waste, and costs.

Our Local Engineers in Mexico do this using the entire corpus of quality management tools - Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, and Kaizen.​

Proactive And Collaborative Approach To Manage Supplier Quality.

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AmrepMexico | Supplier Quality Management Company

We Are Your Quality Future

The world's leader in quality manufacturing, production optimization, and supplier management is here in Mexico. AMREPMexico is part of the global AMREPInspect Supplier Management Services group, the Supplier Quality Management Company behind many of today's technology innovators.

Our engineers in Mexico create innovative on-site, localized solutions to deliver exceptional supplier performance and product quality. We've been in Mexico since 1994 and have a proud history of enabling our clients achieve their production objectives with the lowest cost, highest quality, minimal waste, and optimum efficiency.​ ​

Supplier Management Solutions By AmrepMexico

Achieve Excellent Production Outcomes

Our Supplier Quality Servicesextend from simple product quality inspections to complex data-driven supplier quality engineering and continuous improvement programs that optimize your supplier's production processes. These programs create the operational conditions needed for your exceptional product quality and achieve production efficiencies, i.e., reduced process cycle time, factory defects, scrap, and expensive reworking.

Supplier Quality Engineering

Supplier Quality Engineering

Data-driven quality engineering solutions that deliver exceptional supplier quality, drive continuous performance improvements, and reduce production costs.

Production Management Solutions

Production Management Solutions

Optimising your suppliers' production so that they can achieve operational excellence. This means improved yields, enhanced quality, reduced waste, and fewer production errors.

quality inspections

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections at the material, component, and assembly levels, across your supplier's production cycle, to identify product defects before shipment.

Supplier Audits

Supplier Audits

ISO, IATF, AS, IPC and other specialized technical and QMS audits for your supplier qualification and process verification needs.

Supplier Data Analytics

Supplier Data Analytics

Quality engineers and IT specialists co-develop data solutions that collect real-time data from your suppliers so that you can make good production, quality, and business decisions.

Local Talent Solutions

Local Talent Solutions

AmrepMexico offers local resources based on an understanding of production conditions and client business objectives. We identify the right talent that can meet the needs of the client.

AmrepMexico Team

We have a team Quality Inspectors, Supplier Quality Engineers, and Production Professionals with extensive experience in quality management and Mexican production environments. We have worked with US, Canadian, and European OEMs in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and electronics industries

The most senior of us have over 20 years of experience and work with supplier top management to create organizational process improvements. We conduct quality and process training, set up Mexican supplier quality management programs for OEM companies, resolve critical quality issues, and execute change management activities.

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What AmrepMexico Does

We create innovative production solutions to achieve exceptional supplier performance and to deliver quality products. Our overall customer objective is to use statistically-driven quality management methods to achieve the following:

Supplier/Production Quality Control

Monitoring the supplier's production to correct sporadic problems

Supplier/Production Quality Improvement

Engineering a breakthrough system in the supplier's organization to create deliberate change that solves chronic problems and creates unprecedented levels of organizational performance.

Supplier/Production Quality Planning:

Developing and implementing strategic and tactical goals in the supplier's production to achieve financial, operational, production, and quality results.

Our Locations

Tijuana And NorthMexico

Tijuana and North Mexico

Continuous improvement, Lean Six Sigma, Change Management, and OPEX leadership for your suppliers in Tijuana and along the US-Mexico border states - Monterrey, Reynosa, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, and Chihuahua. We focus on improving your supplier's process capabilities, enhancing yields, and reducing your Cost of Quality.​

Guadalajara And CentralMexico

Guadalajara and Central Mexico

Quality inspections, supplier quality management, production process optimization, and production excellence solutions in key Central Mexico manufacturing locations - Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Querétaro. We have dedicated expertise in advanced manufacturing industries.

MexicoCity And SouthMexico

Mexico City and South Mexico

Production optimization, quality defect reduction, problem resolution, QMS deployment, audits, and more can control your supplier's quality in Mexico City, Puebla, and other industrial areas in South Mexico.

Our Coverage In Mexico

  • Tijuana
  • Monterrey
  • Reynosa
  • Mexicali
  • Ciudad Juarez
  • Guadalajara
  • San Luis Potosi
  • Querétaro
  • Mexico City
  • Puebla
  • Other industrial areas
    in South Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Supplier Quality?

The American Society Quality (ASQ) defines supplier quality as suppliers' ability to deliver goods or products to customers that satisfy customer needs. Supplier quality management (SQM) manages and monitors the supplier's production cycle to achieve high-quality products. Businesses need an effective SQM strategy to avoid poor-quality products.

Why is Supplier Quality Management Important?

Manufacturers rely on the supply chain to source raw materials and parts to produce the needed products. Now the hard part is how they can ensure that the parts they are getting from suppliers meet the quality standards. With the changing environment of trade regulations, how manufacturers or OEMs can ensure they will receive high-quality products at the right time at the best price?

That's where SQM plays an integral role in the production line. Today's supply chains are complex, and effective supplier management solutions help manufacturing companies achieve exceptional supplier performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Supplier Management Solutions?

Supplier Management is beneficial for the quality of final products and helps companies in many other ways. An effective quality management strategy also affects your brand’s reputation, profitability, value, and overall success. Have a look at the most significant benefits of implementing SQM:

  1. Minimize risk
  2. Maximize profits
  3. Build strong supplier relationships
  4. Help to make better procurement decisions
  5. Maintains a safe supply chain
  6. Strong satisfied customers base
  7. Stay compliant
  8. Cultivate a strong brand’s reputation

Why Do You Need Supplier Quality Management Company To Control Mexican Suppliers?

Every business with an extensive product line needs effective quality management services to keep an eye on suppliers to achieve production excellence. For example, an OEM company based in the United States, Canada, or Europe wants to source raw material or parts from Mexico. How do you ensure your supplier quality performance?

One case is to deploy your quality engineering team that will affect your budget, as well as your team, face other challenges as well, e.g., language barriers.

There is another solution; you can take the services of a third-party Supplier Quality Management company to handle all this. SQM company will provide you with local resources that will constantly monitor the supplier production line on your behalf. AmrepMexico is one company that provides localized support in the Mexican production environment.

What Is The Best Place To Hire Third-Party Supplier Quality Management Services For Optimizing Mexican Production?

Are you looking for Third-party supplier quality management services to handle Mexican production operations? The world's leader in quality manufacturing, production optimization, and supplier management is here in Mexico.

AmrepMexico is a part of AMREPInspect Global Supplier Management Group and provides innovative solutions to OEMs companies that want to optimize their Mexican supply chain. We are different from other companies providing supplier management solutions. We first translate your business needs and make an effective on-site, localized SQM strategy.

Since 1994 with a team of production engineers, supplier quality professionals, and quality inspectors with years of experience in the Mexican landscape, we have helped clients achieve production objectives

Why Should I Consider AmrepMexico For Supplier Management?

AmrepMexico is part of a Global supplier management company named AMREPInspect. Our supplier quality management services will help you to achieve your production objective with the lowest cost, highest quality, minimal waste, and optimum efficiency.​

As your local partner in Mexico, our Supplier Quality Engineers will manage and develop your suppliers. Our services extend from product inceptions to supplier audits, production management, and Supplier quality engineering programs that optimize your supplier production processes.

How Do You Assist OEMs With Supplier Quality And Production Line Concerns In Mexico?

Our prime objective is to assist OEM companies looking for local support in the Mexican production environment. Our team use statistically-driven quality management methods to achieve the following:

  1. Supplier/Production Quality Control
  2. Supplier/Production Quality Improvement
  3. Supplier/Production Quality Planning

Our solutions include:

  • Evaluate and Create Quality Program
  • Supplier Selection
  • Factory Review
  • Supplier Audits
  • Product Compliance
  • During Production Verification (DPV)
  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
  • Post-shipment Support

Which Locations Do You Serve In Mexico?

AmrepMexico provides production optimization solutions, supplier quality engineering programs, and on-site supplier inspection and audit services in the following locations in Mexico:

  • Tijuana and North Mexico -Monterrey, Reynosa, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Nogales and Chihuahua.
  • Guadalajara and Central Mexico - San Luis Potosi, Querétaro
  • Mexico City, Puebla, and other industrial areas in South Mexico

How Is Amrepmexico Different From Other HR Companies In Mexico?

AmrepMexico is different from other HR companies providing services in Mexico. AmrepMexico have a team of senior supplier quality engineer, process engineer, manufacturing engineer, program manager , project manager, tooling engineer and supplier development engineer with years of working experience with Mexican manufacturers. You do not need to travel to Mexico. Our multidisciplinary team will manage your operations in Mexico. We are an independent quality management company. Our company provides complete local support for Mexican supplier management and production solutions.

Want Excellent Supplier Production Outcomes?

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