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AMREP Mexico's supplier quality management and production excellence solutions achieve your business objectives while generating reductions in production time, defects, waste, and costs. We do this using the entire corpus of quality management tools - Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Kaizen etc.​
Our overall customer objective is to use statistically-driven quality management methods to achieve the following:
  • Supplier/Production Quality Control: Monitoring the supplier's production to correct sporadic problems
  • Supplier/Production Quality Improvement: Engineering a breakthrough system in the supplier's organisation to create deliberate change that solves chronic problems and create unprecedented levels of organisational performance.
  • Supplier/Production Quality Planning: Developing and implementing strategic and tactical goals in the supplier's production to achieve financial, operational, production, and quality results.
Supplier Audits

ISO, IATF, AS, IPC and other specialised technical and QMS audits for your supplier qualification and process verification needs.

Supplier Quality Engineering

Data-driven quality engineering solutions that deliver exceptional supplier quality, drive continuous performance improvements, and reduce production costs.

Quality Inspections

Quality inspections at the material, component, and assembly levels, across your supplier's production cycle, to identify product defects before shipment.

Production Management

Optimising your suppliers' production so that they can achieve operational excellence. This means improved yields, enhanced quality, reduced waste, and fewer production errors.

Supplier Data Analytics

Quality engineers and IT specialists co-develop data solutions that collect real-time data from your suppliers so that you can make good production, quality, and business decisions.

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